Office Of the President

Dear Friends:

On behalf of the entire Stevens community, I welcome you to Stevens, the Innovation University®. 

Stevens is a university on the rise.  With the expansion of our stellar faculty, the recent arrival of the largest and most academically talented undergraduate and graduate classes in our history, a substantial increase in the university’s fundraising activities, including an inspirational $10 million gift toward a new academic complex, the momentum of a 13 point ascent in national rankings of US News & World Report, and an increase in our ranking for return-on-investment, Stevens is poised to enter a new era.

The Stevens community—more than 300 members—came together just over a year ago to create the road map for the university’s future.  A strategic plan entitled, The Future. Ours to Create., was developed with a bold vision:  to define the model for a premier, student-centric technological research university.

This 10-year plan for the future builds upon our historic past. 

Stevens was founded in 1870 by a distinguished family of inventors and entrepreneurs whose spirit permeates everything we do, from our technology-centric educational programs, to our catalytic and applied research, to the high impact activities of our students, faculty and alumni.

Since joining Stevens as its seventh president in July 2011, I have come to deeply appreciate and develop a great respect for this university and the substantial impact it has had on technological progress for more than 140 years.  I have been inspired by both our students and alumni and impressed by the creativity and entrepreneurial approach they have applied across a wide range of fields.  And I have been energized by the dedication and intellectual drive of our faculty, as they focus their talents on some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

Stevens is a truly special place.  Agility, innovation, and a student-centric focus define who we are today, and these attributes position us to achieve our bold and ambitious goals for the future.  With our Strategic Plan as the roadmap, Stevens will grow in size,  become a more selective and more diverse university, and tackle complex challenges through research in healthcare and medicine, energy, financial systems, defense and security, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

Please visit the Stevens web site often to stay up to date on the many developments taking place across this dynamic campus. And, I hope to see you on campus soon!

Per aspera ad astra,

President, Stevens Institute of Technology