Who is Eligible

Students: All currently enrolled commuters and senior on-campus residents.
Employees: Faculty and Staff (Non-Hoboken Residents).
Visitors: All visitors to Stevens Campus must obtain a Temporary Guest Parking Permit, obtainable from Duty Officer at the Howe Center Building or Babbio Center Building, and must remove vehicle from campus at the time stated on this pass.

All vehicles on campus must have a current parking hang tag. The parking hang tag does not guarantee the holder a parking space.

Stevens does not assume responsibility for the care and protection of any vehicle or its contents while the vehicle is operated or parked on campus.

Campus traffic signs and police officers must be obeyed.

The speed limit is 10 m.p.h. on campus.

Due to limited parking facilities, freshmen, sophomores and juniors residing in the Stevens dormitories are not permitted to have a car on campus. Any student who is not permitted to park in a Stevens' facility, but wishes to have a car for their use, should contact the Office of Student Life at 201-216-5699 to arrange to park in an off-campus parking facility for the discounted rate of $105.00 per month.

Hoboken residents, which include students at Stevens off-campus Residence Halls, Fraternities and Sororities, must obtain parking permit from Hoboken Parking Authority.


Chief of Police - Tim Griffin
Main Number - Dial (201)216-5105
Fax - (201)216-8945
Emergencies - Dial 911