Parking Regulations

1. It is prohibited to obstruct fire lanes or hydrants, driveways, gates, buildings or sidewalks, or to park on roads or walkways, except as authorized by the Campus Police/Security. Campus Police are to be notified in advance when you will be occupying a loading zone. A twenty minute parking limit will be observed in loading zones, except Technology Hall Plaza which is classified as a Fire Zone - No Parking anytime. Parking in fire lanes is prohibited by law.

2. Wittpenn Walk is a designated pedestrian walkway. Vehicular traffic, with the exception of emergency vehicles responding to an emergency and construction vehicles are prohibited from driving on Wittpenn Walk. Personnel parking behind Hayden Hall must utilize the Sixth Street entrance to gain access as well as depart the campus. For those wishing to reach upper campus, entry should be gained from Ninth Street. Departure from upper campus should be done by using Eighth Street.

3. Overnight use of any parking area, by a commuter student (graduate /undergraduate), must have a visitor pass accompanied with their valid Hang Tag. Visitor pass must then be displayed on their dashboard so as not to obstruct Hang Tag.

4. Parking is allowed in designated areas as shown on the campus map.

5. Individuals may not reassign their parking spaces to non-eligible cars.

Chief of Police - Tim Griffin
Deputy Chief of Police - James Collins
Main Number - Dial (201)216-5105
Fax - (201)216-8945
Emergencies - Dial 911