Uses of Department User E-Docs

Mon, 2012-09-24 17:57 -- fdembele

These guides can assist you in determining which e-doc you would use in specific situations. By carefully choosing the appropriate e-doc before logging in to KFS, users can avoid creating e-docs that need to be cancelled.

The option to cancel an e-doc must and will remain available. However, cancelled e-docs create significant clutter in the database. Doc searches are slowed, as there are so many more e-docs to sort through. Pages present very slowly and the 200 item return limit per search gets eaten up by cancelled e-docs.

After reviewing the short guides, contact Kuali Support or call Kuali support at 201-216-8000 if you need further assistance.

Methods of Purchasing Compared: Requisition, PCard or Disbursement Voucher

Various Department User e-docs Compared: Choosing the Correct e-doc

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