Campus Parking

On-Campus parking is limited, especially when classes are in session. Public parking garages are available on Hudson Street with reasonable fees in close proximity to campus. Suggested parking garages, approximate fees, and walking directions to campus are listed below.

If you decide to park on the street in Hoboken, pay very close attention to the parking signs. Parking in Resident Only spaces, streets scheduled for cleaning, or parking for over the four-hour visitor limit will result in your car being ticketed, booted or towed. 
Municipal Garages:

B (at Second Street, between River and Hudson)
D (at 215 Hudson Street, between 2nd and 3rd)
G (at 315 Hudson Street, between 3rd and 4th)


* Rates are subject to change.

Up to 1 hour: $3.00
Up to 2 hours: $4.00
Up to 4 hours: $7.00
Up to 6 hours: $10.00

Walking Directions to Campus from Hudson Street Parking Garages:
Proceed to Hudson Street and turn right onto Hudson. At Fourth Street, you will come to a park. Cut diagonally through the park, on the other side, on Fifth Street, is the Edwin A. Stevens and McLean Buildings. There is a campus map on River Street side of the Edwin A. Stevens building or click here for a Campus Map.




To help plan for your trip to Stevens, we offer the following resources: