Stevens Institute of Technology is a private co-educational research institution. Stevens Institute of Technology was created by act of the New Jersey legislature in 1870 and operates as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As a private institution, Stevens is governed by its Board of Trustees, operating under the By-Laws of the University, and by its President.


The Trustees of Stevens Institute of Technology, as a private university, operates pursuant to its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and the policies and procedures adopted by the institution from time to time. The Board of Trustees meets on a regular basis and maintains a structure of Board committees outlined in the By-Laws and charters for each committee. The Policy Library is a repository of many of the policies adopted by the institution and is updated on a regular basis. Beginning in 2010, Stevens began to operate under a Consent Judgment with the New Jersey Attorney General and a special outside counsel was appointed to oversee certain compliance and governance functions of Stevens. That monitoring has ended and the final report of special counsel certifying as to full compliance has been delivered. These documents as well as other documents relevant to the governance of Stevens may be found within the links on this page.