Social Networking

Sharing information over the Internet is like shouting to a billion people. Everyone can see the pictures you post, and read the information you enter.

Social network services are insecure. With over 300 social network services like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Linked-In, most include instant messaging, peer-to-peer connectivity, and blog sharing. These sites are an easy to use resource for obtaining information about people. Profiles and photos can be accessed by everyone from prospective employers to stalkers.

There has been many instances in which employees were fired from their job due to pictures, wall activity and status updates. There have also been instances in which students have had their scholarship and even their placement in a college revoked due to their social networking activity. Several of these stories ending up making different news stations including ABC and Fox.

Do not provide personal or identifiable information. Many fields that are filled out on your social networking site are used to validate you identity when your password is lost. This gives online predators and identity theives an easier time of fufilling their malicious tasks.

On Facebook is it important to adjust your security setting to allow only your friends to view your information otherwise it is in the public domain and everyone can view it. It is also important to not accept friend request from random people you do not know. This will give them direct access to your personal information. You would not walk up to people on the street that you do not know and tell them all about you life and supply them with copious amounts of pictures. The same mindset should be observed when dealing with social networking sites.

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