Printer Security


As computers have evolved, so have the printers they interface with. Printers no longer just print; they copy, scan and email documents. Many of these printers also contain internal memory cards that record what was printed or scanned. These multifunctional printers need to be treated the same way computers are when it comes to security.

The following are some tips on keeping your printer secure.

  • Change the default login.
  • Keep the printer behind a firewall.
  • Turn of the save data for reprint option.
  • Distribute different passwords to different users.
  • Time out the printer after uses.
  • Encrypt the data scanned for email purposes.
  • Upgrade the printer firmware
  • Set of an access control list to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Wipe the internal memory before discarding a printer

Below are some addition usefull links to printer security: