Safe Computing

Malware Protection
Users should ensure that their computers and mobile device are kept protected with antimalware software.

Stevens provides antivirus software for use on computers provided by the university. This software is available by contacting the Help Desk at or extension 5500.

Users should also ensure that their personally owned computers and mobile devices are maintained with appropriate malware protection. Software that affords this protection is dependent upon the OS platform of the device (e.g. Windows, iOS, Android). The Help Desk can provide guidance on how to find effective software.

Keeping Systems Up-to-Date
All devices have vulnerabilities that can become points of attack by malware. One important step in defeating these attacks is keeping computers and mobile devices up-to-date with latest operating system / software updates.

For computers provided by Stevens, configurations have been preset to ensure that updates are installed as they become available.

For personally owned computers and mobile devices, users should refer to the provider or vendor for instructions for keeping the systems up-to-date.