Don't Get Fooled

Cybercrime is an everyday occurrence and no one is immune. It’s critical that users take every step to protect themselves. Some of the steps to take are:

  • DON'T open suspicious email or unsolicited attachments!
    If it doesn’t seem right, it’s probably not – and it’s never worth taking the chance. Don’t open emails that seem to be spam, and never open attachments from others you don’t recognize and trust.
  • Never provide information about yourself if there is any doubt!
    This includes ANY information about yourself that could be used to impersonate you, compromise your security, or steal your identity. Information such as Social Security Number, mother's maiden name, your hometown, and any other information about you, your past, your family, or your identify should never be shared when there is any doubt about the recipient.
  • Learn more about Identity Theft
    The Federal Trade Commission provides a website to get started, with a host of valuable information and materials. Another great site is ID Theft: FaceOff.