Course Request Form

Stevens faculty should use this form to request a new virtual classroom on Stevens server.  Please submit this form at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the next semester, to give you some time to prepare your classroom. The Office of Learning Technology recently piloted Instructure Canvas as an alternative to our current Learning Management System, Moodle 1.9. We will officially be off of Canvas by Spring of 2015. Please view the video below for an introduction to Canvas. You may also contact one of our Instructional Designers for a consultation at


Please enter the following data:

Please select your LMS
(ex: ME-722)
(ex: Innovative Engineering Practices)
Your course will be automatically populated with student data who are enrolled for section(s) you designate on the date the new term begins.
**Combines multiple sections into one Moodle shell. NOTE: Sections already crosslisted in SIS cannot be combined with other sections.

By requesting the Electronic Classroom, I understand that:

I am responsible for backing up (using the Canvas course backup tool) the course's "gradebook" (student database) onto my PC's hard drive, or other electronic media, "resetting" the course (cleaning student data out), and then making and saving a clean copy of the course at each semester end.  If I do not retain my own backup copies, IT will attempt to restore old courses upon my request, with or without grade information, from their backup copies whenever possible. 

I am responsible for use of all copyrighted materials in my Canvas classroom, and agree to obtain (pay for) use of such materials, if necessary.

Information Technology will provide training with basic use of Canvas tools and functions.  

Ownership of course material created within Canvas e-classrooms conforms to current policies of Stevens Institute of Technology.

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