Academic Capabilities and Services

Information Technology is committed to providing technical leadership for the campus in the designing, planning, implementation, expansion, and support of facilities and services, with an emphasis on customer service.

Information Technology is poised to offer services to meet the needs of the campus academic community, and committed to supporting campus users, both now and in the future.

Campus-wide Network
Providing network design, implementation, security, services, and support to assure a rich reliable, manageable, and maintainable campus network with 24x7 service availability.

Computing Services
Delivering campus-wide computing services with 24x7 availability including secure access to systems and servers for email, web, printing, e-learning, and campus labs.

User Computer Program
Coordinating and supporting the User Computer Program including establishing standards, developing configurations, interfacing with vendors, and delivering quality services.

User Services
Providing user assistance/help desk services and user training with a single point of contact including in-person, telephone, email, and knowledge based assistance for reporting problems and requesting/receiving assistance in the use of computing and networking resources.

Web Server
Supporting the primary web server including the design, implementation, and support of top level institutional pages as well as pages associated with information technology.