The Stevens Advantage Pursuing your higher education at Stevens will provide you with meaningful opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. It will give you unique and powerful preparation for the challenges and opportunities you?ll encounter in life and work. As one of the world?s leading science and engineering universities, Stevens has been a center for scholarship and innovation for more than 135 years. 

Through our pioneering curriculum and dedication to groundbreaking research, Stevens has contributed to tremendous advancements in industry, government, medicine, and the environment. We educate and inspire students to develop the skills to lead research centers and industry across the globe, solving some of the most pressing technological concerns of our time. It?s an educational philosophy we call Technogenesis. What sets us apart? We give you an educational experience that will encourage you to strive for tremendous success, in an environment where faculty and students work together toward excellence.

At Stevens you will get a highly technical education that will give you a broader sense of the work we do and how it impacts the world. You will confront difficult questions, be inspired, open your mind to new possibilities, and make new discoveries.

For more than a century our curriculum has enriched and enlightened great thinkers. Our community encourages and fosters intellectual inquiry. Our history reminds us of all this daily, because our university was founded by a family of inventors and technological pioneers whose vision changed the way we live.

Explore Stevens. It is an extraordinary place to learn-a place for people who want a role in shaping our world. We seek dedicated students who want to meet the challenges we offer, and that the world offers. We seek students who want to work with and learn from the very best in their fields. We seek students who want to do what the Stevens family did more than a century ago when they founded the Institute, and what our graduates have been doing ever since-improve the way we live.