Appointment Procedure for Graduate Assistants Resources

Appointment Procedure for Graduate Assistants


  • Appointment Request form (from hiring department)
  • Non-Workstudy Student Payroll Notice
  • Health Insurance premium payment
  • I-9 form
  • letter of appointment and copy of submitted FAFSA
  • Patent Policy and Agreement
  • Copyright Policy and Agreement

It is important for Enrollment Services to receive requests for graduate student assistantship appointments as early as possible. The student needs to know of the offer from the department and Enrollment Services needs time to prepare the letter of agreement between the student and Stevens.

The hiring department needs to fax or mail the Request for Assistantship Appointment for new and re-appointed students as early as possible prior to the beginning of a semester. Enrollment Services will send the letter of agreement within one week of receiving this form.

Payroll notices and enrollment forms are held and not processed until the following items have been completed and received by Enrollment Services

  • Letter of Appointment signed by student and returned to Enrollment Services
  • Patent Agreement signed by student and witnessed by a Stevens employee
  • Copyright Agreement signed by student and witnessed by a Stevens employee.


Students are expected to enroll via Web for Students (login thru myStevens) if their Letter of Appointment is signed and on file with Enrollment Services. If a paper enrollment form is necessary (for 800 level courses or above) the form needs to be coded and signed by Department Director or responsible person.

  • Health Insurance fee (or proof of coverage) is attached to the enrollment form or sent directly to Student Financial Services.

Payroll Notice

  • Coded and signed by department director or responsible person
  • Students MUST be enrolled before payroll notice can be processed
  • I-9 needs to be on file or attached to payroll notice

When a student is not enrolled, they cannot work or be paid as a student, they will not receive an ID card or a computer account, and they will not have access to the Library, Athletic Center or campus activities.

Generally, students cannot work for more than one department at a time. They can work a MAXIMUM of 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. During winter recess and summer, students can work full-time, 40 hours per week. International Students cannot accept an Assistantship and participate in Curricular Practical Training.

PLEASE NOTE: Students receiving an assistantship must maintain a 3.0 GPA.