Master of Engineering - Systems Engineering

Master of Engineering - Systems Engineering

Utilizing an Open Academic Model, the School of Systems and Enterprises at Stevens Institute of Technology emphasizes global partnerships in systems and enterprises related research and education with industry and government, to provide a highly relevant and rigorous educational experience. Stevens Systems Engineering graduate programs offer a multidisciplinary approach to engineering education by providing a blend of engineering, systems, and management subjects. The School of Systems and Enterprises is the largest provider of systems engineering education to the U.S. federal government and to defense-related industries worldwide.

The Master of Engineering degree in Systems Engineering requires a total of 30 graduate credits and includes a blend of engineering, systems thinking, and management subjects. Students learn to manage engineering, technology, and systems integration in a market where globalization, technology, quality, complexity, and productivity are the key business drivers.

The program is appropriate for all Engineers, System and IT Architects, System Analysts, Business Process Analysts and Program and Project Managers.

GRE Required for International Applicants

Core Course Requirements for Full Degree

SYS 625 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
SYS 650 System Architecture and Design
EM 612 Project Management for Complex Systems
SYS 605 Systems Integration
SYS 800 Special Problems in Systems Engineering

Applicable Elective Courses (up to 5 elective courses can be selected)
SYS 611 Modeling and Simulation
SYS 655 Robust System Design
SYS660 Decision and Risk Analysis
ES 684 Systems Thinking
EM 665 Integrated Supply Chain Management
SYS 670 Forecasting and Demand Modeling Systems
SYS 640 System Supportability and Logistics
SYS 645 Design for System Reliability, Maintainability, & Supportability

One of the five faculty advisor directed electives must be in a quantitative course to include SYS 611, SYS 645, SYS 660, SYS 681, SYS 670, or other as approved by your advisor. With the approval of their faculty advisor, Students can pursue the thesis option which will take 6 credit hours of SYS 900 in place of SYS 800 and one SYS elective.

Graduate Certificates

The School of Systems and Enterprises offers several four course, 12-credit Graduate Certificate programs in these specific areas:
Advanced Systems Architecting
Engineering Management
Enterprise Architecture and Governance
Financial Engineering
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practices
Project Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Analysis
Software Engineering
Space Systems Engineering
Systems-Centric Software Engineering
Systems Engineering and Architecting
Systems Engineering Management
Systems and Supportability Engineering

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