Master of Engineering - Networked Information Systems

Master of Engineering - Information Data Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) guides students to apply yesterday's knowledge; advance today's principles, practices, products and services; and anticipate tomorrow's challenges and opportunities in this rapidly growing field. The department offers several advanced degree and certificate options to the engineering professional.

The Master's of Engineering degree (30 credits) requires completion of:
- Three core courses selected from the list in the ECE portion of the Stevens academic catalog for the entering year of the student.

- Three courses satisfying one of the program concentrations. The ECE portion of the Stevens academic catalog provides recommended (but not required) courses suitable for each of the program concentrations. Other courses may be used with the approval of the student's academic advisor.

- Four additional graduate-level courses, typically selected from the EE, CpE, and NIS courses offered. With the approval of his/her academic advisor, a student may take up to two courses outside of the list of ECE courses.

Core Course Requirements for Full Degree

NIS 560 Introduction to Networked Information Systems
NIS 565 Management of Local Area Networks
NIS 604 Analytical Methods for Networks

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