Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Stevens Mechanical Engineering programs build on undergraduate education and professional engineering experience and dive deep into a student's primary area of interest. A flexible curriculum enables students to focus intensely on their specialties, conduct research projects, and write theses using the resources of broad course offerings and faculty strengths. Students support faculty research on emerging technologies, their fabrications methods, and the infrastructures that support manufacturing and product development.

The Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering program requires a total of 30 graduate credits and is intended to extend and broaden undergraduate preparation. It can be considered as a terminal degree or as preparation for the Ph.D. program. A bachelor's degree with a concentration in mechanical engineering is needed for acceptance to the master's program. Applicants with undergraduate degrees in other engineering disciplines may be required to take appropriate undergraduate courses before being formally admitted into the program.

The Master's degree requires thirty credits. Fifteen of the credits (or five courses) form the core and comprise the student's major field. 

Core Course Requirements for Full Degree

  • ME 635 Modeling and Simulation
  • ME 636 Project Management of Complex Systems
  • ME 641 Engineering Analysis I
  • Two more courses from any one of the following tracks:

Manufacturing Systems:
ME 644 Computer-Integrated Design and Manufacturing
ME 645 Design of Production Systems
ME 652 Advanced Additive Manufacturing
ME 665 Advanced Product Development

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Systems:
ME 535 Good Manufacturing Practices in Pharmaceutical Facilities Design
ME 540 Validation and Regulatory Affairs in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
ME 628 Manufacturing and Packaging of Pharmaceutical Oral Solid Dosage Products
ME 645 Design of Production Systems

Product Design:
ME 615 Thermal System Design
ME 644 Computer-Integrated Design and Manufacturing
ME 659 Advanced Structural Design
ME 665 Advanced Product Development

Thermal Engineering:
ME 601 Engineering Thermodynamics
ME 604 Advanced Heat Transfer
ME 615 Thermal Systems Design
ME 674 Fluid Dynamics

The remaining five courses (15 credits) constitute the student's elective field and will consist of:

  • at least one course of "600-level or higher" given in the Mechanical Engineering Department
  • at maximum of four courses of "500-level" given in the Mechanical Engineering Department
  • a maximum of one course given in other departments

Graduate Certificates

The Mechanical Engineering department offers several graduate certificate programs to students meeting the regular admission requirements for the master's program. Each graduate certificate program is self-contained and highly focused, carrying 10 or more graduate credits. Current programs include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Air Pollution Technology
  • Computational Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer
  • Design and Production Management
  • Power Generation
  • Ordnance Engineering
  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Vibration and Noise Control
  • Robotics and Control
  • Nuclear Power Engineering

All of the courses may be used toward the Master of Engineering degree as well as for the graduate certificate. 

For more information, please visit our department graduate certificate webpage

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