Master of Engineering – Chemical Engineering, and the degree of Chemical Engineer

Master of Engineering – Chemical Engineering, and the degree of Chemical Engineer

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science offers programs of study leading to the Master of Engineering and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees, as well as the professional degree of Chemical Engineer. Courses are offered in chemical, biochemical, biomedical, polymer, and materials engineering.

The programs are designed to prepare you for a wide range of professional opportunities in manufacturing, design, research, or in development. Special emphasis is given to the relationship between basic science and its applications in modern technology. Chemical, biomedical and materials engineers create, design, and improve processes and products that are vital to our society. Our programs produce broad-based graduates who are prepared for careers in many fields and who have a solid foundation in research and development methodology.

The Master of Engineering program in Chemical Engineering requires a total 30 graduate credits in an approved plan of study. Six to nine credits can be obtained by performing research in the form of a master's thesis.

The Degree of Chemical Engineer designates completion of a program of study at the graduate level beyond the master's degree in scope, but with an overall objective. Students will be required to apply the subject matter acquired in formal graduate courses to a problem more consistent with one they are likely to encounter as a practicing engineer.

GRE is Required for All Applicants

Core Course Requirements for the Master of Engineering

MA 530 Applied Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists II
CHE 620 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CHE 630 Theory of Transport Processes
CHE 650 Reactor Design
Plus 6 courses or thesis work

Course Requirements for the degree of Chemical Engineer

Entrance requirements include a master's degree in chemical engineering (or equivalent) and one year of industrial experience. This is to be satisfied either before entering the program or during the course of the program.

The credit requirements are 30 credits beyond the master's degree in a program approved by an advisory committee (three faculty members, preferably including one member not in the department, assigned at the time of acceptance into the program). Of the 30 credits, a minimum of 8 and maximum of 15 credits will be given for the independent project.

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