Master of Engineering - Civil Engineering

Master of Engineering - Civil Engineering

Today's Civil Engineering professionals face increasingly complex challenges to develop safe, sustainable, aesthetic, efficient, and structurally-sound systems for public and private use. The history of innovation at Stevens includes many designs for civil structures that are considered commonplace today, such as the standard rail used by all freight and passenger trains and the Jersey barriers that protect millions of drivers every day.

The civil engineering profession is concerned with the "built" environment. Civil engineers plan, design and implement construction projects that are the fabric of our lives. There are growing challenges for designing and maintaining societal infrastructure, while properly accounting for the complex interactions between the built and natural environments. Because civil engineers are called upon to work on large projects of an interdisciplinary nature, it is our mission to train students to be able to apply a diverse set of skills to solve complex problems, to work in teams and communicate effectively, and to uphold ethical standards of professional practice. Our graduate focus areas are Structural Engineering, Construction Management and Water Resources Engineering. Graduate education is intimately linked with the research activities of the department's faculty.

GRE is Preferred for All Non-Ph.D. Applicants

GRE is Required for All Ph.D. Applicants

Core Course Requirements for Full Degree

CE 519 Advanced Structural Analysis
CE 579 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures
CE 595 Geotechnical Design
CE 660 Advanced Steel Structures
CE 681 Introduction to Finite Element Methods

Concentrations are available in the areas of structural and geotechnical engineering. The student must complete core courses depending on the areas of concentration as follows:

  • Structural Engineering Core Courses
  • Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering Core Courses
  • Stormwater Management Track
  • Water Resources Engineering Core Courses
  • Hydrologic Modeling Track

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