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Enroll Today

Accepted Students

If you have been accepted to Stevens, click here to register for classes through MyStevens campus portal. To login you may use the login credentials provided to you in your admissions packet.

Applying to Stevens

If you are interested in pursuing a Stevens graduate degree or four-course certificate, visit our How to Apply page to start your application.

Non-Matriculating Students

You may enroll today as a non-matriculating student (even if you have applied for a degree program) and take up to three courses (F1 students are not eligible).  Any courses you complete as a non-matriculated student may count towards a master’s degree or a four-course graduate certificate.

How to Enroll

To enroll as a non-matriculated student, download the Stevens non-matriculating application and email the completed form to Graduate Admissions or fax it to 201-216-8044. A graduate admissions advisor will contact you to complete the course registration process. 

Please note that enrolling in a course as a non-matriculating student does not guarantee your acceptance into a Stevens graduate program.

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