Procurement at Stevens

Our goal in the Office of Procurement is to facilitate and coordinate the acquisition of goods and services that meet the University’s needs, in a timely, efficient, and cost effective manner.

Procurement is the broad function that describes the activities and processes used to acquire goods and services. This is distinct from purchasing because procurement involves establishing fundamental requirements; sourcing activities, such as market research and vendor evaluation; and negotiating of contracts. Purchasing is the process of ordering and receiving goods and services. Purchasing is just one part of the procurement process. 

At Stevens, there are three ways to purchase goods and services in support of the mission of the University. 

  1. Fill out an electronic requisition (REQS e-doc) through KFS.
  2. Shop the online catalogs in Steven$mart, the e-procurement software for Stevens.
  3. Use a Stevens issued PCard (Purchasing Card).

Staff of the Office of Procurment is here to ensure the best method is used in each situation.  This is accomplished by:

  1. assisting the Stevens community with the identification, selection and acquisition of required goods and services.
  2. educating the community about "best procurement practices", maintaining Stevens’ procurement systems, and enforcing its policies and procedures.
  3. acquiring goods and services as economically as possible, within acceptable standards of quality and service, while utilizing professional ethics and our best business practices.
  4. selecting the vendor to be used, considering delivered cost, quality required, vendor capability, vendor service record and delivery dates.
  5. maintaining a consistent and fair policy toward the entire business community, while maximizing the opportunity for small business participation.
  6. ensuring compliance with all Stevens Procurement policies as well as Federal and State procurement regulations.

Our services include providing product and supplier information, pricing, competitive bidding, issuing sales tax exempt forms, issuing purchase orders, and providing contract negotiation services for the procurement of goods and services required by Stevens. Our responsibilities also involve central review for procedural protocols and risk management assessment as well as establishment of contract terms or special terms/negotiations.

The completion of a requisition is the first step in the procurement process. The requisition collects information about the items or services the user wishes to have ordered, including:  possible vendors to fulfill the order; and all other pertinent information necessary to create a purchase order. All requisitions lead to a purchase order or an automatic purchase order. Following this purchase order protocol, gives the University knowledge of what is being purchased and who the vendors are that are coming to campus before the invoice is received.  Doing business with vendors via a purchase order is the preferred procurement method.  A purchase order is  an authorization from the University that it agrees to commit to the purchase obligation.  It is a formal request to a vendor for the supply of a good or service. A Purchase Order may only be issued by the Office of Procurement.

A disbursement voucher generates payments to reimburse employees and nonemployees for expenses incurred while conducting Stevens business.  Rarely would a DV be used to pay a vendor for a service or material good.

There is an established workflow (review and approval process) for all disbursements from Stevens.  Purchase Orders represent a commitment to pay as part of the purchase obligation.  Please refer to the Standard Review for Disbursements.  

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