Purchasing Card (PCard)

Stevens Institute of Technology launched a new Purchasing Card ("PCard") program on campus effective July 1, 2013.  One of the key features of the new PCard program is the elimination of paper statements and the availability of an online reconciliation and allocation process.  Each month the various expenses charged to the PCard can be allocated to an appropriate KFS account.

For additional information follow these links:

PCard Meeting Invitation, June 2013

PCard Guidelines

PCard Presentation

PNC ActivePay Information

PNC ActivePay Simulation Guide

PNC ActivePay Presentation 

PNC ActivePay User's Guide     (includes step-by-step guide to online reconciliation)

PNC ActivePay URL for review and reconciliation

Chart of Electronic Documentation for Reimbursement and Payment

***Important*** Login Changes Effective February 2, 2014

PCard Forms

Purchasing Card Employee Enrollment Form

PNC Bank Purchasing Card - Employee Usage Agreement

Purchasing Card Billing Inquiry Form

Missing Receipt Form