We are offering a series of training sessions over the next few months. We encourage our newest users (new being relative—within the last few months) to attend; any and all of our users are welcome! The format of each training session includes a presentation and some hands on practice time.  Each session is limited to 10 participants due to the size of the rooms. Please contact or call 201-216-8000 if you are interested in participating!

All sessions will be held from 10AM to noon at the location and the dates listed below.

  • The December session will be held in the Fielding Room, 4th floor of the Howe Center.
  • The January sessions will be held in the Finance Conference Room , 11th floor of the Howe Center.
  • The February through May sessions will be held in the Calder Conference Room, 3rd floor of the Howe Center.



Introduction to Kuali

Purchasing and Requisitions

Accounts Payable Disbursements

Round 1

Thursday, December 18th

Wednesday, January 7th

Wednesday, January 14th

Round 2

Wednesday, January 21st

Wednesday,  January 28th

Thursday, February 5th

Round 3

Thursday, February 12th

Thursday, February 19th

Thursday, February 26th

Round 4Thursday, March 5thThursday, March 12thThursday, March 19th
Round 5Thursday, March 26thThursday, April 2ndThursday, April 9th
Round 6Thursday, April 16thThursday, April 23rdThursday, April 30th
Round 7Thursday, May 7thThursday, May 14thThursday, May 21st

If you want to get started with Kuali Basics, visit the Guides section. Here you can choose from a listing of user guides including some Tutorials designed for all levels of users.