March 29, 2011 Train vs. Test Environment; More Training Offered

1st Train vs. Test Environment

There are now two sites for our use. Below are brief descriptions of each of them indicating when they should be used. You have to be set up in the system to be able to log in. If you attended a Kuali for Stevens Basics class in February you have a log in ID.

TRAIN: This new url was introduced March 21, 2011: Use this url as you continue to learn and to carry out "show and tells" in your unit. This instance will be updated and refreshed periodically when new functionality is available and has been tested. Watch the website for its availability and for announcements of such updates.

TEST: This is the url that was given out during the trainings the week of Feb 21st: As of March 21, 2011 only use the test url when you are requested by us to go in and try certain transactions. As new functionality and modifications are added to KFS we will need your help to "try and break it"! Watch the website for requests for your testing help.

Code testing in TEST will continue so the risk of repeating failures in the test environment is likely. That's what it's there for. But TRAIN will NOT get code for testing. All code will have passed testing before being entered into TRAIN.

Please contact Mary Hallstead with questions or to find out about getting a log in ID.

2nd More Training Offered

The week of April 4th a second round of Kuali for Stevens Basics will be offered. In addition, there will be some time set aside for campus users to visit a training site to have questions answered and have some time to experiment in the training environment.

Please contact Mary Hallstead with questions.