Object Code Crosswalk FRS to KFS

One of the required fields in the accounting string of all transactions in Kuali for Stevens is the four digit object code. In FRS the similar codes are subcode and account control. Follow the link below to access an Excel spreadsheet containing a crosswalk of codes between the two systems. Please note there are two tabs within this spreadsheet. The first one (lower left corner) is the FRS-KfS mapping of the codes. All FRS codes that will be used in KfS are listed here. In some cases there are several FRS codes that correspond to a single KfS Object code. The second tab is a list of the KFS codes.

In KfS, you can always search for an object code in a variety of ways. Some things to keep in mind when you are searching:

  1. Be sure the fiscal year on the search screen is set to 2011. Object codes are affiliated with fiscal years, this allows for the clean-up of object codes from year to year. Currently, all of the object codes are affiliated with fiscal year 2011. (Sometimes the training screen defaults to 2009 – we have asked rSmart to check all of the fiscal years in each instance so they are set to fiscal year 2011, but this task may still be in progress.)
  2. Make sure you’ve filled in the name of the chart of accounts. Ours is SI for Stevens Institute. (Kuali allows for more than one chart of accounts, however, we did not see a need to utilize this feature)
  3. When searching based on a name of an object code, use an asterisk at both the beginning and end of the text. That tells the system you are looking for a name that contains the text within the asterisks. Without the asterisks, the system is looking for an exact match, which is difficult to achieve. Example, if you are looking for supplies object codes, use *supp* and it will bring back all object codes with those letters in the name.

Link to the FRS-KfS Object Code Crosswalk