Kuali for Stevens…a few tips

The Kuali Foundation, member schools and business partners make up a community of willing collaborators. We have learned some tips and tricks from many of them and are sharing them now. We will continue to add to this list as we approach implementation in July.

Kuali for Stevens (KfS) Tips and Tricks

  1. Relax and enjoy KFS! We have heard from users at other schools that once you get the hang of it, the system is easy to use. Sure it’s new. But give it, and yourself, a chance.
  2. Use Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.
  3. Log into the training environment using your myStevens ID. Do this every day or every few days and just play around. You can’t break it. Contact Mary Hallstead if you don’t have a login ID; we’ll get you set up for a training session.
  4. Don’t press the back button at any time! This bears repeating.
    Don’t press the back button at any time! An error message will result.
    Instead, use the close or cancel buttons. Don’t believe it? Try it. You can’t break it.
  5. Use the system lookup feature. Click on the magnifying glass.
    By doing this you will save some typing and perhaps avoid typos.
  6. Use the online help; it is available anywhere you see the question mark.
  7. You are a member of the Kuali user community. If you have a tip or trick or question to share please forward it to Mary Hallstead.
  8. Visit the website to look for weekly updates and the latest system information.