This is the e-procurement software from SciQuest tailored for Stevens. Through Steven$mart you order and receive items; approve purchases and manage your department purchase orders, including requesting payments on purchase orders.

Steven$mart is fully integrated with Kuali for Stevens. The two systems provide uniformity in processes and approvals; achieve efficiency in transactions; and move decisions as close to the end user as possible, while still maintaining appropriate checks.

Steven$mart system features include:

  1. on-line access to and control of information throughout the purchasing process;
  2. identification of and negotiation with preferred vendors for online catalogs;
  3. streamlined ordering and paying; and,
  4. establishment of dollar thresholds for receiving.

The driving premise of this software is to create a more efficient procurement process by spending the university's resources wisely, delivering the necessary items to campus and placing them into service as quickly as possible.

Two reference guides are available:
Purchasing at Stevens
Requisition Guide