March 1, 2011 – Basic Training I Outcomes

Last week's Basic Training I sessions taught more than was on the agenda.

Train vs. Test

The need to have a separate Kuali for Stevens instance for trainings became abundantly clear. Using just one instance for both testing and training caused a few bruises due to some technical "glitches". To address the issue of the train vs. test environments, there will soon be two urls available for the campus use. In addition, modifications were made to the test instance based on issues that arose during the first few sessions and so far it seems to be working. When the training site is activated, in approximately 3 weeks, we will release that url. In the mean time, continue to use the test site to learn and to carry out "show and tells" in your unit. This instance will be updated and refreshed periodically when new functionality is available and has been tested. Watch the website for updates on the training and testing sites and associated url's.

Power User Identified

The who's and how's of processing in various areas around campus, as well as, which of the participants would like to be and would make terrific trainers/tutors was gleaned. We witnessed such shows of patience and good humor. Power Users will be asked to help in a variety of ways as they build their expertise. Ways they could help include but are not limited to: as Kuali for Stevens resource ("go to") people in their department, as trainers at future hands on training sessions, as reviewers for training materials and as testers for system modifications.

Want to know more? "By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn." - Latin Proverb

If you did not participate in the trainings last week, find someone who did and ask for a demo or contact mary.hallstead or sharon.landsbergis for the names of some participants. Some of the best learning happens when we teach others.