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DuckTime (Kronos) is the online timekeeping and leave management system at Stevens. To log in to DuckTime, click here.

Who Needs to Use DuckTime?

  • Hourly employees, both students and staff, should routinely log in and complete times worked, as well as sick time and other absences.
  • Electronic timecards should be reviewed and approved BY THE HOURLY EMPLOYEE after the last shift worked in a payperiod.
  • Managers of hourly employees, both students and staff, log in to review, edit as necessary and approve the electronic card by 10AM Monday morning after the close of the pay period or sooner if the employee has approved it after the last shift worked in a payperiod.
  • All Employees who are eligible for leave benefits request time off using DuckTime, GTOR (Global Time Off requests)
    • Managers will receive an e mail notification that time off requests have been made. 
    • Managers log in to DuckTime to review time off reuests and take the appropriate action - approve or reject.
    • Employees will receive an e mail notification of the manager's action.

When are electronic timecards due?

  • At Stevens, bi-weekly payperiods end on Sundays.
  • All hourly bi-weekly employees (staff and students), please plan to approve your timecards by the end of your last shift of that week.
  • Managers, please approve time cards by the next day, Monday at 10AM.
  • Click here for a complete schedule of the due dates for the payroll periods in fiscal year 2015.
  • Click here for a chart of pay periods and approval dates for hourly student employees.

Would you like some help?

  • Various Training Guides and Instructions are available here, with more being made available soon. 
  • email or call Campus Support at 201-216-8000. Thank you!

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