Faculty Senate Teams

Faculty Senate Teams 2012-13


Faculty Handbook Team

Charge: Develop and maintain a complete and accurate version of the Faculty Handbook.

Current Activities: Understand and remove any roadblocks preventing final approval by faculty and administration of a complete handbook. Add section to the Handbook to recognize the FS.


Faculty Role in Assessment & Voice in Governance Team

Charge: Determine appropriate shared governance decision processes that incude all stakeholders.

Current Activities: Examine the current faculty committee structure with the objective of streamlining processes, engaging faculty in the important work of the Institute and facilitating a spirit of shared governance. Prepare a proposal to the Administration and Faculty concerning faculty role in important university processes such as education and research, strategic planning, budgeting, and assessment of the administrative and academic units in the Institute.


Wellness Standing Committee Team

Charge: Communicate with the faculty to understand issues that impact our collective well-being.

Current Activities: Administer a survey to faculty concerning issues of importance to the faculty. Bring issues/proposals to the FS and, eventually, to the administration and the faculty for action.