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FACULTY SENATE 2014-15 (click name to send email)

Executive CommitteeEnd of Term
Ed Whittaker (PEP) - ChairMay 2016
Tal Ben-Zvi (STM)May 2015
Edward Foster (CAL)May 2015
May 2015
James Liang (CCBBE)May 2016
Jose Emmanuel Ramirez-Marquez (SSE)May 2016
Susanne Wetzel (CS)May 2015
Peer Groups 
Joseph Glavy (CCBBE), Assistant ProfessorMay 2014
Thomas Herrington (CEOE), Research ProfessorMay 2014
Ex-officio Senators 
Tony Barrese (SSE), BOTMay 2015
Not yet selected, P&TMay 2015
Alan Blumberg (CEOE), BOTMay 2016
Sven Esche (ME), APARMay 2015
Yu Tao (CAL), CoCMay 2015