Group Counseling

Why Group Therapy?

Often individuals can benefit from participating in group therapy even more so than in individual therapy. Group therapy provides a safe, confidential space to explore concerns as well as receive support on various issues. It is an opportunity to learn more about oneself, explore healthy behaviors and develop new ways of coping.

Groups Currently Offered:

Building Social Confidence

Group members will learn how to increase their self-confidence and social-confidence by building stronger social skills. They will grow in awareness of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Key ingredients to positive social relationships will be reviewed such as effective communication skills, and social support. This group will be helpful to students who are having difficulty with social anxiety, adjustment, shyness, communication, socializing, relationships, understanding themselves, anxiety and depression.

The group will meet: Wednesdays 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Please contact Student Counseling and Disability Services if you are interested in obtaining more information about this group or are interested in participating.

Phone: (201) 216-5177


This group will typically be 1½ hours long and will consist of 6-10 members. It will be co-lead by two of therapists who work in Stevens Counseling and Disability Services. All members agree to keep group work and content confidential. This means that as the group develops and members get to know and trust one another; members can safely discuss their important concerns and issues, making the group more meaningful for all members. The group becomes more helpful as this trust develops.