Graduate Cooperative Education Program

The Graduate Cooperative Education Program provides relevant learning experiences for students in business, industry and government. This allows for students to apply their technical knowledge in a supportive workplace while being actively engaged with new technologies in a continuous on-the-job learning environment. Students will utilize their critical thinking skills to understand methodologies and processes and produce new knowledge for the global marketplace. They will be exposed to real time demands, communicate in all mediums with all levels of management and be accountable for their projects.

Graduate students may participate in the following fields:

Computer ScienceComputer Engineering
Electrical EngineeringEngineering Management
Financial EngineeringInformation Systems
Mechanical EngineeringPharmaceutical Manufacturing Engineering
Pharmaceutical ManagementSoftware Engineering
Telecommunications/Project ManagementBusiness Information & Analytics

To Qualify for the Cooperative Education Program:

  • Obtain a recommendation from your Department Co-op Advisor
  • Complete 2 full time semesters of study prior to a work term
  • Complete 3-5 core courses (depending on major)
  • A satisfactory 3.5 grade point average or better

Participation and Course Requirements:

  • Attend all Work Place Preparation Meetings conducted by the Co-op Staff
  • Be available to interview for positions identified by the Co-op Staff
  • All positions are full time, a minimum of 35 hours a week, for the duration of one semester or two consecutive semesters. Work Terms available: spring, spring/summer, summer/fall and fall. The duration of your work term will be determined by the co-op staff, employer and student.
  • Upon acceptance of a position the Office of Cooperative Education will enroll you in D 701 and complete the proper work authorization documentation. You will be charged an administrative fee of $415 (currently) per co-op semester.
  • Participate in a mid-term visit at your work site with you, your manager, faculty advisor and co-op staff member.
  • In order to receive a pass/fail grade on your transcript for zero credit you and your manager must complete,sign and return: the Learning Agreement, 30 day Snap-Shot and End of Term Assessment forms which will be provided by the Co-op Staff.
  • A student may take a maximum of two graduate classes per co-op semester. A student may choose to participate in a second co-op work term after completing an additional semester of full-time study. International student participation in co-op may not be the reason for a program extension. Co-op graduate students may not be eligible for graduate assistantships, on campus employment or receive support from the college or the university while on a co-op work term.

For more information please contact

Ms. Catherine Rooney