Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education, or Co-op, is a five-year educational program, which provides students with the opportunity to alternate between semesters of full-time work and full-time study in areas related to the student's academic major and career interests. The Co-op program is designed to provide experiences that prepare students to connect their academic studies with the world of work, explore career interests and clarify goals.

Benefits of Cooperative Education

Use the Workplace as Your Classroom

Co-op gives you a chance to apply knowledge and theories gained in the classroom to 'real world' work scenarios.

Explore Career Interests & Goals

Co-op work terms allow you to make informed educational and career choices based on full-time, work experiences related to your academic studies and career interests.

Professional Development

The Co-op program provides resume writing, interview preparation, job search strategies, and ongoing support while students are participating in the program and out on work terms.


While working for a company or organization, students begin to establish a valuable network of professionals in the field. These connections have provided students with future employment opportunities, industry insight and so much more.

Career Exploration by Major

The Cooperative Education program supports student’s major and career exploration while identifying career interests, gaining professional skillsets, and setting career goals. Explore various career profiles of students in the following engineering majors to better understand the Co-op experience.