Getting Started

Your career development is a process that unfolds over your time at Stevens. The four year plan below addresses your academic, career and personal/social development. All full-time Stevens students have a career advisor to assist in creating a personalized plan. Get started with your career advisor.

Creating Your Career Plan

First Year: Explore

  • Attend a Career Development Intro Meeting to assess your career needs.
  • Talk with faculty and other students about different majors and careers.
  • Attend Co-op Orientation Meeting as the first step to joining the program.
  • Attend Career Center Meetings to explore career options and create a resume.
  • Sign up for the Externship Program and shadow an alumnus/a at work over Winter Break.
  • Attend the December and March Career Fairs.

Second Year: Develop

  • Develop your technical skills. Explore career-related opportunities with appropriate staff for Co-op, internships, undergraduate research projects.
  • Obtain meaningful experience in your field of interest through a co-op, a summer internship, or an undergraduate research project.
  • Attend Career Center Seminars to meet professionals in your field of interest and learn about recruitment/interviewing.
  • Attend December and March Career Fairs.
  • Unsure of major or career path?  See a Career Advisor.

Third Year: Focus

  • Apply for co-ops or internships that are directly related to your post-graduation career goals.  Work closely with appropriate staff to access meaningful opportunities.
  • In Semester 6, register with the Career Center for the graduating senior recruitment process.
  • Schedule a resume review with your Career Advisor for the graduating class resume book and to discuss interviewing for full time opportunities.
  • Attend Career Center workshops on Interviewing Techniques.

Fourth Year: Implement

  • Early in Semester 7, meet with your Career Advisor to assess your needs/goals for graduating student services. Get a plan in place as soon as possible.
  • Assess your career-related strengths, skills, and values.
  • Analyze and summarize experience gained during your time at Stevens.  Update your resume, if needed.
  • Schedule a mock interview, if needed.
  • Register for and review CastlePointCareers (CPC), Stevens internal job board provided by the Career Center, on a daily basis during the recruitment process.
  • Stay in contact with your Career Advisor throughout your recruitment process and share both your progress and your concerns.
  • Network with professors, on-campus speakers, family and friends to develop prospective opportunities.


Visit the Career Center Today!

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