Transfer Students

Transfer students are those who have graduated from high school and have taken some college level courses at a community college or university.  Transfer students are expected to complete at least 50% of their credits at Stevens. In order to apply as a transfer student to Stevens, you should:

  1. Complete and submit our streamlined Stevens Application or Common Application. Transfers students are eligible to apply for admission to any of our bachelor degree programs.
  2. Submit the following items by the deadline:
    • All College Transcripts
    • Final High School Transcript.
    • Students may submit unofficial transcripts to the transfer coordinator for processing while the official transcript is on its way. A final official transcript from all previous college institutions attended is required in order for credit to be transferred.
    • SAT I or ACT score (if you have less than 30 college credits)
    • One Letters of Recommendation from a Professor. The Common Application form titled Academic Advisor Report is a recommendation from a college instructor.  It is recommended that students have their professor recommendation uploaded online through this form. 
    • The midyear report is not required but is useful for students who would like Stevens to be aware of their progress in the courses that they are currently taking.  It is strongly recommended for students seeking to transfer who are in their first semester at a university.
    • The Registrar's report verifies enrollment and academic standing.  It also asks for your college registrar to upload your official transcript online.  This form is not required, however, if your college will allow for this service it could be helpful.  Official college transcripts can be mailed directly to us.
  3. File for Financial Aid. The FAFSA is required in order to be considered for Stevens financial aid as well as federal and state aid. Transfer students are not required to file the CSS Profile.  File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or note Stevens on your FAFSA renewal form. The six-character Title IV Institutional code (Section H) for Stevens is 002639.  New Jersey residents who received EOF funding at the last college attended should make a note of this on their Stevens application.  International students are ineligible to receive financial aid, excluding certain merit-based awards.  Stevens awards both merit-based and need-based awards to transfer students.  Students who are applying for a second degree (coming to Stevens for a Bachelors degree after having completed a Bachelors degree at another institution) are not eligible for merit or need based financial aid.  These students may qualify for a limited selection of government loans.

Transfer Deadlines.  The deadline for applying as a spring transfer is November 1st and the deadline for applying as a fall transfer students is July 1st.  Stevens is rolling admissions for transfer students and can expect to receive a decision within three to four weeks from the completion of their application unless specified otherwise by the admissions office.

Evaluating Your Credit

It is imperative that students begin collecting detailed syllabi (which include descriptions of course content, course outcomes, and an outline of assignments) for each and every course they have taken as soon as they decide to apply. For students who receive an acceptance, this will facilitate the credit evaluation process. Credit evaluations are only performed for students who have been accepted to Stevens.

In addition to detailed course syllabi, International transfer students must provide a credential evaluation from WES or ECE.

Stevens awards transfer credit by matching your courses with equivalent Stevens courses. The more information we have, the better chance you have receiving credit. Ask your instructor or department head to provide you with a course outline. Course outlines are highly recommended for mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, statistics, dynamics, and natural science courses.

It should be noted for students transferring into an engineering program that in most cases it will take three years to complete the Bachelor of Engineering degree. Stevens offers a highly innovative and unique design curriculum which allows students eight semesters of engineering design courses culminating in a capstone senior design project. Due to this aspect of the currculum, it is unlikely that students will be able to complete six design courses in one year to be ready for senior design the following year, necessitating the three-year course of study.

The course names and syllabi are submitted to Stevens faculty for review at which time they will indicate the Stevens course equivalents and return the completed information to Undergraduate Admissions. Admissions then seeks final approval from the Academic Dean. Upon receipt of the Dean's approval, Admissions notifies the student via mail of the results, as well as provides the Registrar with the information so that it may be incorporated into the student's academic record. We do not accept previously transferred credits from your last college; evaluations are done with respect to each individual college you attended.

An official AP score report is required for any AP credit. Read more about transferring advanced placement credits.

Veterans: Form DD-214 is needed for military experience credit.

Credit Evaluation Policies

The following guidelines will be adhered to when evaluating transfer credits:

  • Students must receive a C or higher in order for the credits to transfer.
  • Students with credits earned 5 years or more from their date of attendance will be evaluated for credit on a case by case basis.
  • Foreign language credits have no equivalent at Stevens but have the potential to satisfy general elective credit, if approved.
  • Stevens Institute of Technology does not guarantee that credits earned elsewhere will fully satisfy the Stevens course requirements.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Students have the right to a fair and quick assessment of their credits.
  • Students have the right to an appeal of their evaluation provided it is completed within the deadline dates listed on your credit evaluation.
  • Once the assessment of transfer credits is completed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, a student may request to have additional credits evaluated through the Registrar's Office.
  • It is the student's responsibility to respond promptly to requests for additional information needed by Stevens.
  • Students must adhere to all deadlines communicated by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Transfer FAQs

Q. What if the credits I am submitting were completed more than five years ago?
A. Stevens faculty review all courses submitted for transfer credit evaluation. The student must provide accurate course descriptions or course outlines to assist the faculty in evaluating the credits.

Q. Will all of my credits transfer to Stevens?
A. The content of each course varies with each school and therefore cannot be determined without the appropriate materials.

Q. Is there a maximum amount of credits that Stevens will accept for transfer?
A. No, but a student is required to complete at least 50 percent of course work at Stevens in order to receive a Stevens degree.

Q. Are courses taken pass/fail eligible for transfer credit?
A. No, not typically. However, Physical Education courses may transfer.

Q. How long will it take for my transfer evaluation process to be completed?
A. It could vary depending on the time of year; but the average is two to three weeks from the time that all course information has been received from the student.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with my credit evaluation?
A. There is a credit evaluation appeal process.

Please call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 800-STEVENS or Email.

International Transfer Students

Students transferring from a college(s) outside of the United States must provide and certify the number of lab hours per week and the number of weeks each course met per term. All documentation (including course descriptions) must be translated by WES or ECE. If you have any questions regarding transferring credits from a college(s) outside of the U.S., please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 201-216-5194, or Email us. Read more about test score requirements for international students.