The Stevens Summer Programs

The Stevens Summer features several distinct programs across varied areas of academic interest. All are designed to be project-driven, hands-on programs that give students a real college experience. In every case, our on-campus programs are complemented by site visits to Fortune 500 companies. Students may choose to participate in more than one program during the summer, as long as the program dates do not overlap.


Engineering & Science

ECOES (Exploring Career Options in Engineering & Science)

Computer Science

Pre-Med Science

Pre-Med Engineering

Creative Coding

BUILD (Bots Using Innovation & Learning Design)


Business Intensive

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Technology, Society & the Arts

Multimedia Immersion

Science, Technology & Society

Game Design

Foundations in Electronic Music

Program Instruction

Programs offered in The Stevens Summer are taught by members of the university community, a group of scholars devoted to the highest standards of research and teaching. Combining their efforts with those of trained and experienced teaching assistants, the instructors create a rich academic experience drawing on the wealth of educational resources at Stevens and in the New York metropolitan area.


All projects and exploration labs are held in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in on the Stevens campus, as well as in professional a professional recording studio (Multimedia program). Enjoy sports and recreation in the Schaefer Athletic and Recreation Center, complete with an NCAA competition sized pool, as well as indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, squash and racquetball courts. Outdoor facilities include sand volleyball courts and six outdoor tennis courts. An athletic coordinator will organize activities based on your interests.

Mock Schedule

Can be found here

Campus Life

Housing and Dining

Housing is included in the program costs for all residential summer programs. Life on campus at Stevens Institute of Technology is comfortable and convenient. You will be paired with a roommate and stay in double-occupancy rooms in our residence halls, only steps away from your classes and labs, the Pierce Dining Room, the Health Service Center, and the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. Athletic and Recreation Center. Then, of course, there's downtown Hoboken, recently named a Top 10 College Town by the Princeton Review! With restaurants and shops, Hoboken is a vibrant community with excitement that's just an easy walk down to Washington Street, two blocks off campus.

Meals are included in the program costs either at our on-campus dining hall, weekend catered meals, or through Ducks Bills at our on- and off-campus local merchants. Students will need money for their lunch on the weekend; we suggest approximately $15/day. Stevens is proud to offer a dining program complete with signature brands and menu selections that include just about every item you can imagine.

Resident Advisors and Counselors

The residential experience is much more than just living in a residence hall on campus. It's about careful supervision, a strong and supportive social network, numerous on-campus activities, and excursions all over New York City. Students are supervised by carefully selected Stevens students who have completed an intensive training program. These couselors and resident advisers are focused on the well-being of the students; the counselors do not have other jobs and are not taking classes. Staff and students get to know each other well. Resident advisers and counselors look after the safety of the students with the utmost care. Curfews and other safety measures are strictly enforced by the RAs during the evening hours; whereas, counselors take over the responsibility during the daytime. Resident advisers and counselors do everything possible to ensure that students have a productive and enjoyable summer. The first-day orientation is also an ice-breaking and getting-to-know-you session.


From lasting friendships to numerous on-campus activities and excursions throughout NYC, The Stevens Summer offers many opportunities to make the most of your summer both inside and outside the classroom. Enjoy a night out on a New York City dinner cruise. Take excursions to some of the highlights of NYC such as museums, sporting events, beaches, the world-famous Brookln Bridge. Break a sweat at our bowling alley, swimming pool and sand volleyball court all on the Stevens campus! During your free time, explore the city of Hoboken, one of the top college towns in the country.

Don’t miss this opportunity get a taste of college life this summer. For more information, review the FAQ sheet.



Program Descriptions

Exploring Career Options in Engineering And Science (ECOES)

The program centers around an engineering design project and your work in the labs. You will work with members of our world-renowned faculty to explore a number of different areas, including:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Naval Engineering
  • Physics (Optics)
  • Computer Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Engineering Management
  • Business Finance
  • Nanotechnology
  • Chemical Biology

Our hands-on lab experiences will offer you new insights into these disciplines and help you sharpen your leadership skills. You will also find plenty of social activities planned. Some of the places we have visited in past years include Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the Museum of Natural History, Liberty Science Center, and Yankee Stadium.

Computer Science

This project-based program will teach you fundamental problem-solving skills while you gain hands-on experience in many of the most exciting areas of computer science today, such as web technologies, cybersecurity, and system administration, among others. You will also get an insider’s view of the professional world with a visit to a Fortune 500 company.

The program is packed with great modules that will give you experience in a variety of areas. Topics will include:

  • Java development
  • Android development
  • Security
  • Installing and setting up Linux
  • Navigating Linux and system administration
  • Client side web applications
  • Server side web applications

*A laptop is required for this program

Pre-Med Science

Success in the field of medicine requires that physicians be trained observers. A scientific research background is the most popular preparation to gain access to medical school and to become a physician. Spend one week in the Pre-Med Science Program getting an inside look at the Stevens pre-medical science curriculum including lectures and laboratory experiences that touch on cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, immunology, and analytical chemistry.

During this experience, you will work with:  

  • Isolation and analysis of DNA
  • Isolation and analysis of proteins
  • Subcellular fractionation
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Enzyme assays
  • Antibody staining
  • Gene transfer

The program will also include visits to metropolitan area academic and/or biotech laboratories that are advancing medical science.

Pre-Med Engineering

Medicine is moving more and more toward the goal of “evidence-based medicine,” a concept that recognizes that the science behind medicine has advanced to the point that medical interventions should now be a matter of engineering. In increasing numbers, students are choosing training in engineering as an approach to a career in medicine, and medical schools are welcoming engineering students into their classes. The Stevens Pre-Med Engineering Program introduces students to the key elements of biomedical engineering, the discipline at the interface of human physiology and traditional engineering.

This program has some exciting modules that will both challenge and enlighten you. Topics will include:

  • Biorobotics
  • Neural Control of prosthetics
  • Spinal Mechanics
  • Mechanical Testing of Implants
  • Motion Capture for Gait Analysis
  • Human performance testing
  • Tracking of eye motion using infra-red cameras
  • Robotic Surgery Instrumentation
  • 3-D Printing of Devices

The program will also include visits to metropolitan area biomedical device firms and/or hospitals to view recent advances in medical engineering. 

Creative Coding

Learn the beauty behind coding with this week-long discovery program. In this course, you will be exposed to the fundamentals of logic, computation, problem solving, and computer programming by producing code that interacts with human operators and the real world.  The program emphasizes the art, creativity, and fun of the coding process and the code and activities produced by this process.  It is one week that will change your way of thinking forever!  Course topics include:

  • Computer Fundamentals (Hardware and Software)
  • Logic and Computation
  • The Problem Solving Process
  • Computer Programming Fundamentals in Python
  • Fun and exciting real-world examples and exercises using the Raspberry Pi

Whether you are interested in medicine, dance, or international development, you can get involved. One teenager designed an app to detect breast cancer.  A woman designed a new way to enjoy the art of dance through iLuminate.  Maybe coding will enable smart phones to monitor insulin levels or other health issues.  Coding skills are fundamental to creating resources and processes to make a difference in people’s lives and the world.  Come learn to code in an environment that emphasizes leadership and entrepreneurship with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects creatively entwined into the experience!

BUILD (Bots Using Innovation & Learning Design) *a commuter program for rising freshmen & sophomores only

BUILD will introduce you to the world of robotics! Through this program, you will be working with Stevens’ faculty and students in Stevens’ state-of-the-art facilities to gain hands-on experiences in robot design, programming, and interaction that will culminate in a final competition with your peers where you get to prove your bot is the best! By utilizing LEGO Mindstorm EV3, you will discover the art of programming robots, designing them to interact in different scenarios, sense the environment, and function independently. You will even get to test some robots that are currently being used at Stevens!

June 22 – June 26, from 9am – 4pm. Students are to arrive on campus between 8:00am-8:45am; pick-up 4-5pm. Breakfast & lunch are included. Apply here.

Business Intensive

Stevens’ reputation for placing students in top-level companies and our exceptional location just 10 minutes from New York City make it a great place for this exciting week. Students will be exposed to marketing, finance (including Quantitative Finance), management and business law. The program will provide a solid foundation and footing for students who wish to have a greater understanding of business operations as they explore business as a possible major in college. The program will also include a corporate site visit to a local company such as the Federal Reserve or NYSE.

The business summer intensive is modeled after the Stevens undergraduate Business and Technology program, and makes a point of teaching students how skills translate from the classroom to application in real-world business situations. 

The Stevens campus is a 15-minute PATH train ride from Wall Street and 20 minutes from Midtown Manhattan; steps away from the World's two largest stock exchanges and major global banks and Fortune 500 corporations. This ideal location makes it possible for students in the program to visit Wall Street and local Fortune 500 companies to get insider perspectives of the industry. 

Featuring interactive classes, site visits and activities designed to give students opportunities to learn about the "big picture" – how various facets of business and technology fit together – the program will help high school students learn to identify technology business opportunities in today's rapidly changing and increasingly global landscape.

Most summer programs in business offer only one capstone course or key business concept. The Stevens Summer Business program is much more comprehensive, offering an overview of the following core business concepts and courses:

  • Accounting
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance (including Quantitative Finance)
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations

Students will gather in morning and afternoon sessions for lecture and discussion, devoting time to hands-on projects and group work. Students will participate in Business Project meetings in the evenings and perform research while creating portfolios on Fortune 500 companies. The days are rounded out by site visits, recreational activities, and exciting group trips in the NYC metropolitan area.

Classes are taught by full-time Stevens faculty who are accomplished academics and leaders in their respective industries, from former CEO's to technological inventors.  

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

You are in charge of your own future! Students will have a chance to think of an idea for a new product or service and be in charge of your own real start-up company with a group of fellow students.  In one week, you will experience an Entrepreneur Expo, visit a real tech-incubator, learn how to give an effective business pitch and presentation, and have an opportunity to present your idea to emerging start-ups prior to presenting to the blue-ribbon panel judges. Throughout the process, build a model of your new product or service, experience a West-Point like Leader Reaction Course, design a website for your company and see it live, plan a marketing campaign and produce a marketing flyer, and visit customers for feedback on your new idea.

For an insider's look into the program, check out this write up or the 2015 video about it from the School of Business! 

Multimedia Immersion

This year, the Stevens Summer Multimedia Immersion Program will be using the Motion Capture technology and 3D animation programming to capture, edit, and render an original short form animation. Upon completion, the student will understand the production cycle required for professional animation creation.

In the audio realm, students will learn about transductory theory as it relates to audio engineering, mixing consoles in professional and project studios, and more advanced techniques in dynamins, equalization, reverberation, and signal processing. Full sound design components will be created and recorded in our on-campus facilities using Foley and location sound techniques. Music and Dialogue will be created and recorded with a final mix in a professional recording studio.

Working in teams to reach creative decisions, you will develop an understanding and appreciation of the creative process in the studio.

Audio Production Curriculum

  • Fundamentals of Acoustics
  • Signal Flow
  • Studio components
  • Session protocol
  • Review analog and digital consoles and microphones

Animation Production Curriculum

  • Conceptualizing a project / story
  • Storyboarding and editing animatics
  • Video editing for final production
  • Motion Capture animation
  • 3D modeling, animation, lighting, and rendering
  • Acting for animation

To see the finished videos from past summers, please visit our facebook page:

Game Design 

This multidisciplinary program merges art, design, play, storytelling, and computer science. Students will develop original video-games including concept and visual development, gameplay and mechanics, play-testing and critique. Students will start by designing simple card and board games to understand how games work, then quickly progress to the Unity game engine where they will develop and program full 3D games. Students will also be introduced to Javascript, Photoshop, and other software to develop their games. Housed in the Visual Arts & Technology Lab and Studio, this interdisciplinary program will bring students from idea to full game in just two weeks!

Foundations in Electronic Music 

Discover what it takes to make music: composition, songwriting, recording, production, beatmaking, remixing, and live performance. This summer, you will focus on various electronic music topics, equipping you with the skills to develop your creative practice and produce original music. You will learn how to perform, produce, and program using one of the most prevalent production environments in the music industry at New Jersey's Ableton Live Training Center at Stevens Institute of Technology. Course topics include:

  • MIDI and Open Sound Control Protocols for Performance: MIDI Controllers, including the Ableton Push
  • Basic Arranging Techniques in Electronic Music: Sequencing and Dealing with Musical Structures
  • Basic Recording Techniques and DSP Theory
  • Mixing, Remixing, and Beat Matching
  • Granular Synthesis Techniques and Spatial Audio
  • Visual Programming in Max for Live: Building your own MIDI Instruments, MIDI Effects, and Audio Effects
  • Modulation Synthesis Techniques: LFOs, AM, RM, and FM Synthesis
  • Augmented Instruments and Alternative Controllers with Max for Live

Science, Technology, and Society 

This summer program is designed to introduce you to the Stevens approach to Science, Technology, and Society.  If you are interested in history, political science, journalism, and/or sociology, and if you are fascinated by science and technology, then this program is for you!

Understand how to direct the power of science and technology toward pressing societal needs. Learn the skills necessary to become technology savvy leaders of tomorrow. You will work with local professionals in business, industry, and government on important issues such as environmental sustainability, Internet privacy, healthcare policy, public relations, and science communication. By visiting the Hackensack Riverkeeper and leading New York scientific publishers, you will learn about career opportunities that will shape our technology-driven future.

  • Introduction to Science and Technology Studies
  • Introduction to Science Communication
  • Sustainability and Society
  • Industry Negation Role Play
  • Media and Disaster


Stevens is the perfect place to learn more about the interactions between science, technology, and society.  Our home city of Hoboken has always been an important site for American technology, from the Stevens family railroad and steamboat experiments of the early 1800s to the effort to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  Our students can take a quick ride on the bus, PATH train, or ferry and be in New York City, the heart of the world's premier center of cultural and technological achievement; they can also travel 30 minutes in the other direction to experience the serenity and wildlife of the Hackensack River and New Jersey Meadowlands.  We use this unmatched location to create hands-on experiences where students can see for themselves how science and technology are changing our world and providing opportunities to build a more sustainable future.


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“The Stevens Summer allowed to me survey a wide variety of fields and was a great learning experience.” – Cara Realmuto, Rising Senior, Business Participant