Euclid Courses & Tuition

(3 credits)
This course covers functions; polynomials, rational functions, and partial fractions; the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra; the exponential and logarithm functions; the trigonometric functions; the trigonometry of triangles; trigonometric identities; and analytic geometry.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Algebra II and Trigonometry with a grade of B or better.

For students enrolling at Stevens in the Fall, MA 90 is a preparatory course for Calculus I and is not credit-bearing.

Tuition: Students entering Stevens in the Fall: $550; All others: $1,070

CALCULUS I (MA-121/122)
(4 credits)
This course is an introduction to differential and integral calculus for functions of one variable and is equivalent to a typical one semester course in calculus.  The content is divided into two main parts designated as MA-121 and MA-122.

  • MA-121 (Differential Calculus): Limits, the derivatives of functions of one variable, differentiation rules, applications of the derivative.
  • MA-122 (Integral Calculus): Definite integrals of functions of one variable, antiderivatives, the Fundamental Theorem, integration techniques, improper integrals, applications.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Pre-calculus with a grade of B or higher.

Stevens students:  Please note that successful completion of both MA-121 and MA-122 (a grade of B or higher in each component) allows you the option of starting with Calculus II in the fall semester.

Tuition: Students entering Stevens in the Fall: $550; All others: $1,070

(3 credits)
Vectors, kinetics, Newton’s laws, dynamics or particles, work and energy, friction, conservative forces, linear momentum, center-of-mass and relative motion, collisions, angular momentum, static equilibrium, rigid body rotation, Newton’s law of gravity, simple harmonic motion, wave motion, and sound.

Corequisite: High School Calculus.

Tuition: $1,070

INTRODUCTION TO SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING (CS105) (not offered during Summer 2015)
(3 credits)
This is a first course in computing programming for students with no prior experience. Students will learn the core process of programming: given a problem statement, how does one design an algorithm to solve that particular problem and then implement the algorithm in a computer program? The course will introduce elementary programming concepts like basic control concepts (such as conditional statements and loops) and a few essential data types (e.g., integers and doubles.) Exposure to programming is through a self-contained user-friendly programming environment, widely used by the scientific and engineering communities. The course covers problems from the fields of science, engineering, and business.

Please Note: CS105 will count toward the introduction to programming requirement for incoming engineers.

Prerequisite: NONE

Tuition: Students entering Stevens in the Fall: $550; All others: $1,070