Euclid Contact and FAQ's

Need Additional Information?

E-mail : [email protected]
Phone: 201.216.5194

Wondering How Billing Works?

A bill will not be issued until the first day of class. New and currently enrolled Stevens students will be able to pay their bill online through eBill. Non-matriculating students will be sent a bill via standard mail.

Important Dates At-a-Glance:

Registration is open through June 5, 2015.

Orientation: June 1-7, 2015
Classes: June 8 -August 21, 2015

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a class?
Instructors post their lecture notes, requirement, problems, objectives, readings, among other written materials, at the beginning of each week for you to access when you log on. In this way, each week is equivalent to a "class," with each week covering a new topic. You access your class online, whenever it is convenient for you. Your class never "meets" at a set time of the day or week. When you enroll, you are given a User Name and Password that allows you to enter your virtual classroom.

How do I communicate with my instructor?
You communicate with your instructor and other students in the online class by e-mail any time, day or night. You may seek clarification, respond to questions raised, or introduce other matters. Your classmates may participate in your email communications with your professor and, likewise, you may engage in discussions launched by others. Should you wish, you may discuss things with your instructor privately by e-mail. You may also communicate with your online classmates without your instructor "listening in."

What about exams?
Your instructor will indicate what is required—whether you will be asked to answer quizzes or take mid-terms and final examinations—all online.

What do I need?
To view the system requirements, visit the Technical requirements section on the Stevens WebCampus Web site.