Does spending a week on Stevens' campus -- immersing yourself in hands-on research, making new friends, exploring New York City -- sound like fun? Past ECOES (Exploring Career Option in Engineering and Science) students thought so! Here are some comments and photos from past ECOES participants:

"As I stepped into the upstairs dining hall at Stevens Institute for the opening brunch at the annual summer ECOES (Exploring Career Options in Engineering and Science) program, I whispered to my parents: 'I hope my roommate is either the kid with the afro over there, or the kid with the Mohawk.' An hour later, I entered the room to find Mr. Mohawk, and his smiling owner. While ECOES is designed to help students explore possibilities in the field of engineering, the program brought so much more into my life. Being forced into a group of 70 strangers from across the country brought out a more sociable and confident me ? the new, improved me. Not only did I grow as a person, but any doubts of my future career choice to be an engineer were completely erased.

Every day at ECOES was a new adventure into the world of engineering. We would work together in labs with professors from the college as well as meet with professionals in the field from large companies such as Becton Dickinson and Schering-Plough. One of the most rewarding parts of the camp was learning about each specific field within engineering, ranging from mechanical to chemical engineering, through real field and lab experience. We also competed in numerous engineering competitions within the camp: a programming competition (my group won!), a naval engineering design competition (we sank), and a chemical-biology bubble gum competition (we won ? pineapple flavor!) ? among many others. However, the camp brought much more into my life than experience in engineering; it brought me a taste of college life.

The first day of camp was rough, and awkward. Nobody could remember people?s names for more than 20 seconds. By the end of the second day, we were already a large group of friends who would form even greater friendships within a week. Two of the guys I met at camp are now really good friends of mine, which is the last thing I ever expected to get from the experience. Having the chance to live like a college student for two weeks brought in the aspect of freedom into my life. The most dramatic change in my person which came from ECOES was definitely my ability to meet new people and socialize comfortably with strangers. While I was never a shy person, before the camp I would rarely speak with or meet new people unless a friend knew them ? now I meet new people all the time. In fact, I met a group of kids a week after camp who I am now very friendly with and spend time with every week.

Little did I know that my nonchalant decision to attend ECOES program at Stevens Institute would bring out my personality so much. After two of the most entertaining and most educational weeks of my life, I departed from Stevens Institute with so much more knowledge and about 70 more friends than when I entered." -- Edward Messick

"I really like the different engineering fields and the various professors."

`"Awesome camp!"

"The people here were amazing!"

"It gave me a chance to see what I did and didn't like in engineering"

"It was hands on, interactive, and fun"

"The design project was great!"

"It has definitely helped me to make a decision about a college major."

"Real life examples of engineering and science"

"Actually, everything was eye opening! I learned so much!"

"It allowed me to see how college would be as an engineering student."

" I am thrilled to have experienced all of Stevens and some of New York. I will return home with greater knowledge and a better person."