A Stevens Education is Unlike Any Other

Over our more than 140-year history, Stevens has educated and developed the leaders who have changed the course of science and industry.

At Stevens, we are committed to using applied innovation to empower the best minds to seek and develop solutions to real-world challenges. Our students learn to find solutions to the world’s most critical problems by discovering, developing, and deploying technology in transformative ways.

As one of the nation’s leading research universities, Stevens is known for:

  • A unique pedagogical model
  • Distinctive, highly productive research program
  • World-class facilities
  • Well-established partnerships in business, industry, and government

This quest for new and essential knowledge has created a culture of academic and scientific excellence, entrepreneurial creativity, and commercial viability that is also a core component of the Stevens educational model. Regardless of field or specialty, instruction and research at Stevens takes place in a cross-disciplinary setting, where students learn to transform new ideas and research into viable business opportunities by developing business plans and evolving intellectual properties into market-relevant projects.