Stevens Connects

Stevens Connects to Hoboken

With a shared history of over 144 years, the past, present and future of Stevens Institute of Technology and the City of Hoboken are inextricably linked.

After the American Revolution, Col. John Stevens purchased the land now known as Hoboken, and from that time, the Stevens family and later, the university, have had a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship with the City of Hoboken.

From research collaborations on energy, sustainability, and urban infrastructure resilience, to scholarships and programs that directly benefit Hoboken's K-12 students and their teachers, to diverse and numerous volunteer efforts by students, to the active engagement and economic impact of more than 175 faculty and staff, 450 Stevens alumni and nearly 2,000 students residing in Hoboken, the Stevens community is a vital member of the City.

Together with our neighbors we share a vision for a vibrant and thriving Hoboken.

Local and global impact of Stevens’ research, education, and cultural programs. Students, faculty, staff and alumni contribute in numerous and diverse ways to improving Hoboken.More than 2,500 Stevens students, faculty, staff and alumni live, work and play in Hoboken, stimulating economic vitality in our community.

Stevens and Hoboken: Past, Present and Future

  • In 1784, Colonel John Stevens purchased land that now comprises the City of Hoboken for the equivalent of about $90,000.
  • Edwin A. Stevens, Colonel John’s son, provided a bequest leading to the establishment of America’s first college of mechanical engineering in 1870. 
  • Edwin’s spouse, Martha Bayard Dod Stevens made many contributions to Hoboken. Among them, she funded the construction of the Hoboken Free Public Library in 1896, founded the St. Martha’s Ward in St. Mary’s Hospital, and built and endowed the Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents.
  • Community service is one of the first things Stevens students experience; a variety of community service options are identified for Orientation activities for the freshman Class of 2018.
  • Today, the City of Hoboken and community members benefit from use of Stevens properties, from travel along Frank Sinatra Drive, to recreation at the waterfront Skate Park, to walks on the campus.
  • Stevens is the 4th largest employer in the City of Hoboken, with active collaborations across many diverse fields in areas of research, education, technology ventures, volunteerism, directly contributing to a better Hoboken.


STEM-a-thon, coming June 2, 2015, is designed to engage 6th grade students from Hoboken in fun STEM activities that will inspire them to collaborate, create and innovate. The program is a partnership between Stevens and the Hoboken Family Alliance in collaboration with Hoboken schools. Learn more.