Pre-Medicine and Accelerated Pre-Medicine


Get an Edge in Pre-Medicine
Medical professionals require a strong foundation in the sciences and technical aspects of their trade, as well as a firm a base in social sciences and humanities and excellent communication skills.

Stevens prepares students to become these professionals through its pre-medicine program. The program furnishes graduates with courses to satisfy the admission requirement at accredited U.S. medical schools:


  • One year of general chemistry with laboratory
  • One year of organic chemistry with laboratory
  • One year of biology with laboratory
  • One year of physics with laboratory
  • One year of mathematics through calculus
  • One year of English including composition

Further classes are offered to fully prepare students for their studies beyond Stevens: Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Immunology, Physical Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. For more information visit refer to the Stevens Academic Catalog.

Accelerate Your Learning
Exceptionally qualified students may pursue their passion through one of Stevens Accelerated Combined Degree Programs. Students admitted to these programs take three years of courses at Stevens, after which time they transfer to University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) - New Jersey Medical School, and New Jersey Dental School. Stevens confers a Bachelor's degree on a student's successful completion of the first year, and the M.D. or D.M.D. degree is awarded by the professional school at the completion of the program.

Students must meet requirements as set out by the University in order to be admitted to the program. Interested students are invited to visit the department of Chemistry, Chemical Biology & Biomedical Engineering for more information, or admissions to apply today.