Engineering with a Concentration in Naval Engineering

engineering with a concentration IN Naval Engineering

Meet the Critical Need
The Schaefer School of Engineering & Science hosts a degree program in Engineering with a concentration in Naval Engineering. World class professors and facilities prepare students to design, build, operate, and maintain ships and other waterborne vehicles and ocean structures.

Located across the Hudson River from New York City, the epicenter of ship design, Stevens boasts world-class facilities and faculty to provide a solid education in the form of a Bachelor's of Engineering degree with a concentration in Naval Engineering.

Dive Right In
Davidson Laboratory is a nationally-recognized center for maritime design research that conducts internal research and attracts external organizations to use its renowned towing tank and wave tank. The collaborative and hands-on emphasis of the program ensures that naval engineering students receive the technical knowledge and practical experience necessary to thrive in the naval engineering field. Stevens collaborates with the government and private companies in design and testing, so that students get a preview of professional life before they enter it.

Areas to explore include:

  • Ship and hull design
  • Propulsion systems
  • Effects of ocean properties on ship transport

How Will You Make a Difference?
The importance of naval engineering is undeniable. More than 90 percent of international trade traveled by sea in 2008, three times the amount as in 1968. Ship design, safety, and speed are crucial elements of maritime trade and transport in the modern world. In addition, issues of homeland security demand that naval engineers are able to create vessels that keep people safe at home and abroad.

Study Where You Choose
Get a jump on the competition through Stevens hands-on co-op program. Cooperative Education allows students to take their knowledge into the professional world to explore career paths, build a resume and network of contacts, and receive a real-world education in industry. You will graduate with industry experience that others lack. Students can also study abroad through the Stevens extensive program.

Set sail by visiting the Civil, Environmental, and Ocean Engineering web page, or admissions to apply today.