You Are the Future of Security
Cybersecurity is a high-growth field currently experiencing a demand far greater than the supply of trained professionals available. This exciting field of Computer Science provides ideal positioning to ambitious and qualified candidates with a strong interest and background in math, cryptography, networked systems, and IT administration. Cybersecurity careers offer diverse opportunities for new experiences and professional growth, with possibilities in government and industry as front-line defenders, security researchers, and technology administrators.

Meeting a Critical Need
In recognition of the importance of information assurance in an increasingly-connected world, the White House has issued its Cyberspace Policy Review. This report expresses the administration's commitment to developing secure computer networks and establishing a significant information security force. As many as 30,000 new cybersecurity professionals are needed by the United States government alone, yet only 1,000 are currently in the training pipeline.

At Stevens, a broad-based curriculum provides not only theory and technical skills, but also facilitates the integration of science, technology, and management skills that the field will require. Stevens trains its students to be the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

A Wealth of Options
Do you want to dig deeper into Computer Science? Do you wish to apply your knowledge to another field? The Department of Computer Science offers Concentration Areas for those who wish to drill down an area of focus within their field. In addition, Application Areas are offered to those who wish to apply their learning in Computer Science to an outside field, such as wireless networks, mathematics, and financial systems.

Interested in Cybersecurity but aiming for another degree? The Department of Computer Science offers a minor in Cybersecurity, as well as Information Systems and Computer Science.

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