Computer Science

Computer Science

What's Your Innovation?
Computer science teaches the fundamental problem-solving skills that create a distinctive advantage for innovators and technology leaders, and it is therefore no accident that some of the most successful U.S. companies of the last half century were established by computer scientists. The modern world turns on continual advances in technology and creative programming solutions. In our increasingly technology-oriented society, Computer Science provides the essential framework for sharing and accessing information, including:

  • Graphics Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Programming
  • Software Design
  • Mobile and Pervasive Computing

The department prides itself on programs that combine the rigorous development of problem-solving skills with basic business skills. A broad-based curriculum provides not only theory and technical skills, but also facilitates the integration of science, technology, and management skills that the field will require. The latter are learned through project-oriented courses that sometimes involve real companies acting as clients for student projects. Thanks to the combination of a strong technical spine with a senior year two-semester project course that develops the client-facing and project management skills expected of the modern IT professional, the program produces graduates who will become the high-end IT professionals of the future. The Computer Science program at Stevens is flexible, depending on the student's area of interest.

A Wealth of Options
Do you want to dig deeper into Computer Science? Do you wish to apply your knowledge to another field? The Department of Computer Science offers Concentration Areas for those who wish to drill down an area of focus within their field. In addition, Application Areas are offered to those who wish to apply their learning in Computer Science to an outside field, such as wireless networks, mathematics, and financial systems.

Interested in Computer Science but aiming for another degree? The Department of Computer Science offers a minor in Computer Science, as well as Information Systems and Cybersecurity.

Boot up your future! Check out the Computer Science Web site for more details, or admissions to apply today.

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"Most employers know that they will get quality graduates from Stevens, and that’s a great advantage as I head into the work force. Also, because it’s a smaller school, you find more personally attentive professors than you might at a larger university."
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