Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Ports, roads, dams, buildings... the list goes on and on. Civil Engineers plan, design, and supervise the construction the most visible engineering feats, from the Hoover Dam to the bike path in the park. One of the most satisfying aspects of the field is the sheer variety of projects engineers might encounter.

Civil Engineering students at Stevens complete the program equipped to be leaders in their profession. A broad-based curriculum provides a firm foundation in engineering, as well as substantial experience in the humanities and in business engineering management, with specialization in civil engineering. Within the sequence of civil engineering courses, students have the flexibility to concentrate in structural, geotechnical, water resources and environmental engineering, or construction management.

Experience That Makes a Difference
With the engineering design spine providing a core understanding of civil engineering principles, students also receive hands-on and industry experience through Senior Design Projects, in which students interact with industry in the creation of a physical product. Students can get an inside track through Stevens hands-on co-op program, in which students take their knowledge into the professional world to explore career paths, build a resume and network of contacts, and receive a real-world education in industry. Students can also study abroad through the extensive program at Stevens.

Innovative Students Solutions
Students apply valuable problem-solving skills to real-world situations. A group of Civil Engineering students presented traffic operations engineering and transportation planning solutions as part of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) meeting, "Multi-Modal Thinking...Inside and Outside of the Box." The proposals all concerned traffic and trasportation issues facing Hoboken and New York City - a major metropolitan area at the fingertips of Stevens students. This was not simply a class assignment; some traffic and transportation professionals who might be involved in implementation offered comments and suggestions on the proposals.

"These potential entrants into the transportation field were getting industry exposure and presentation experience even before graduating," said Civil Engineering Professor Leon Goodman.

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