What Will You Create?
Chemistry is the fabric with which modern life is woven. At the nexus of the life sciences and the physical sciences, chemistry is paramount in the creation of new technologies that make life easier and more enjoyable. Chemists:

  • Develop synthetic fabrics to keep people warmer more dry
  • Create the next game-changing pharmaceutical
  • Discover new fuels and improve the ones we have
  • Engineer crops to feed the world

A degree in Chemistry provides students with a powerful and flexible skill set that translates to success in a wide variety of career paths. As a foundation science full of opportunity for breakthrough and discovery, Chemistry enables students to solve the problems of tomorrow, whether in a hospital, pharmaceutical company, or criminology laboratory.

Launching Careers
The Stevens program in Chemistry places students at the heart of creation with a broad-based curriculum that features a solid foundation in chemistry and biochemistry. Located in the hub of the American medical research region, Stevens is a launch pad for careers in research, industry, and medicine. Chemistry majors gain hands-on experience in faculty laboratories and routinely conduct novel research in the U.S. and abroad with scholarship support. Graduates are often recruited by major research and development firms or go on to advanced study at top graduate and medical schools.

As a foundational science, Chemistry prepares students for a variety of career paths. The Stevens curriculum encourages developing skills in innovative problem solving, with an emphasis on laboratory research. Inventiveness, innovation, and problem solving skills are required in this rewarding field.

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