Concentration Advisors

Advising within Majors

Study Plans
The Study Plan is the "roadmap" for undergraduates and students should consult their concentration advisor if there is a need to consider deviating from it. It identifies the various technical electives that are needed and the order that they should be completed to meet the specific program requirements for the concentration chosen. It is an important document, as it will be used to check if students have met degree requirements prior to graduation. An advisor from the chosen concentration must approve and sign the Study Plan. This advisor could be the one already assigned as a freshman, if students ultimately elect the concentration chosen as a Freshman. The Study Plan can be revised with the advisor's approval and signature.

Students who make any unapproved deviations from the Study Plan, e.g. for convenience of scheduling classes, to try and complete requirements early, etc, might result in needing to make up classes just prior to graduation that are not offered or cannot be scheduled and this may delay graduation. If there is a legitimate change required, the advisor should approve beforehand. It is also important students meet pre-requisite requirements for courses; these are designed to ensure the correct preparation for a course. The online registration system will prevent enrolling in classes for which pre-requisites have not been completed.

For engineering students, the Study Plan is completed two weeks before the end of the 3rd semester for students in the 4-year program and those who are in the Co-op program. Engineering students on the 5-year reduced load program complete the Study Plan towards the end of their 5th semester. Math and science students complete their Study Plan by the end of the 2nd semester. They typically complete it earlier, often in the 1st semester.

Students who are transferring into Stevens into the Engineering curriculum and are undecided about their Engineering concentration are assigned a Freshman Faculty Advisor upon their arrival at Stevens. These students must complete a Study Plan with their concentration advisor during the semester prior to taking their first concentration elective. All other transfer students are assigned a concentration advisor upon arrival at Stevens, and must complete a Study Plan during their first semester.

Copies of the Study Plan forms are available at the Registrar's website under Forms. It is important to select the Study Plan form appropriate to your Class as requirements change over time.

Transfer Credit
It is important that all requests for approval of transfer credits be resolved as soon as possible after transferring into Stevens to allow time to make up courses that are not judged as transferable. Students should take the initiative to follow up on transfer requests if issues are not resolved within one semester.

Application for Candidacy
The Application for Candidacy form is like the Study Plan, but is the form required for graduation that lists all the courses that have been taken upon graduation. This form once completed must be signed by the advisor. The completed form will be subject to an audit against courses that have been taken and passed to ensure that all program requirements for graduation have been met.