Freshmen Advising

The faculty and staff of the Charles V. Schaefer Jr. School of Engineering & Science are excited to have the opportunity to help students succeed at Stevens and make the most of the opportunities available both academically and in the broader sense for personal development. The skills, habits and attitudes that students develop as well as the knowledge gained in the next few years are the stepping-stones to lifelong success. This website contains information about the Advising System and many of the issues and questions that may arise at Stevens. For additional information, the faculty and staff are great resources and will refer to the appropriate contact who has the answer if they do not, so do not be shy in asking.

Peer Mentors
The office of Undergraduate Academics arranges for volunteer upper class students in each engineering or science concentration to act as Peer Mentors to incoming students who have interest in pursuing that concentration. The Peer Mentors are important resources as they "know the ropes" and can offer support that complements that provided by the faculty advisors. Incoming students meet their respective Peer Mentor at dinner on Thursday of Orientation Week, with later meetings scheduled as convenient.

Academic Policies and Procedures
The Office of Undergraduate Academics has produced answers to frequently asked questions on many of the procedures and processes that are associated with academics at Stevens.

Freshmen Advisors
All incoming students are assigned to a faculty member who serve as Freshman Advisor within the engineering discipline (major) that they expect to pursue. For most students this will provide a more supportive and focused arrangement than an arbitrary assignment of advisors. This will allow an early connection to the future departmental "home," its faculty and students, and their social and professional activities. Students are strongly encouraged to take full advantage and get involved with the department. This will help confirm the choice of engineering field or may prompt students to consider a different field if they realize the initial choice was not right for them.

Please note, if students are not "Locked in" and can switch advising to another department by contacting Associate Dean Keith Sheppard. Engineering students do not officially declare an engineering concentration (major) until Term 3.

Many incoming students have not yet decided the engineering field in which they wish to concentrate, which is normal. It can be a difficult decision and not one to be rushed. Undecided engineering and science students are provided with experienced advisors. This is coordinated through the Associate Dean of Engineering and Science responsible for undergraduate matters. In fact at Stevens, engineering undergraduates do not have to officially declare an engineering discipline (major) until towards the end of the third semester, at which time an initial Study Plan is completed for that program with a Program Advisor. The Program Advisor then takes over from the Freshman Advisor. Until then students typically keep theirFreshman faculty advisor. If at some point in the first three semesters students decide the field they wish to major in (or to change planned major), they can switch to a Freshman advisor in that field by first meeting with one of the staff in the Undergraduate Academics Office.

Remember, students are not officially in a major and do not need to be until after submitting a signed Study Plan to the Registrar's Office, typically in Term 3. This is because every engineering student takes a common set of courses until Term 4.